Do whatever the **** you want.

creative freedom in the era of covid-19

Forgive me, readers, for I have sinned. It has been 5 weeks since my last newsletter…

As a lapsed Catholic, that’s how I’m tempted to start today’s newsletter, but I’ll spare you my guilty confessions. Let’s face it: in these days where so many are making meaning, sharing helpful hints, and just generally vying for your attention, my lack of content was a gift!

You’re welcome.

Rather than exhaustively describe what I’ve been up to, I’m going to sum it up in one phrase:

I’ve been doing whatever the **** I want.

A two-week period where I stay up writing til 4 am? Okay!

Launch my first creativity course during a pandemic? Sure!

Write and nearly finish a screenplay draft in just 4 weeks after 20 years of talking myself out of writing screenplays? Yup!

Doing weird yoga poses and praying to the Virgin Mary statue in our backyard in full view of the neighbors? Why the heck not?

Making my own powdered sugar because I needed it for a recipe for vegan cream cheese frosting? Sweet! (Full disclosure: it’s not hard. Just add arrowroot to sugar and blend.)

Live-blog my viewing of the 2017 Aaron Sorkin directorial debut Molly’s Game on my instastories, insinuating to my 68 viewers that perhaps I’ve fallen into an alternate dimension where there is nothing but Molly’s Game? That seems like a good use of 4-5 hours of my time!

Sign up for that herbal medicine and farming class I’ve been talking about for years? You betcha!

Hold on a second. My inner capitalist is interrupting me to tell me to come clean about the financial downsides of the “Do whatever the **** you want” method.

Instead of answering that little bitch, I’m going to let my Magic Eightball do it for me. (Do my younger readers know what Magic Eightballs are? Are they still a thing? Anyway, here’s a link.)

Inner capitalist (lil bitch): Has any of this made you money yet?

Magic 8Ball: My reply is no. [Editor’s note: actually the creativity course made me some money, but I blew it all on frivolous things that make me happy and my Inner capitalist cringe.}

Inner capitalist (dork): Will any of this lead to you making money?

Magic 8Ball: Cannot predict now.

Inner capitalist (huge tool): Sarah, communing with nature spirits and dunking on Aaron Sorkin is all well and good but we need to eat.

Magic 8Ball: Yes, but you’re not asking the right questions, nerdburger!

Inner capitalist (sighs with resignation):

Is totally indulging your every creative whim making you happier, thus ensuring that you’ll continue to approach all the paid work that comes your way with excitement and gratitude?

Magic 8Ball: Without a **********ing doubt.